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The mission of Bittersweet is enhanced by the active participation of citizens of our community. It is our hope to partner with volunteers of diverse backgrounds and skills who share our commitment in providing premier services to individuals with autism. Volunteer work can be highly satisfying and rewarding, especially here at Bittersweet where the results are tangible and immediate. Please consider volunteering for a fundraising event, in the office, on a special project, or in one of our many program areas.

Become a Teen Mentor for Bittersweet's Social Living Club! 

Congrats to Cece Hughes, a SLC teen mentor who will be presented with the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award at this year's 30th Annual National Philanthropy Day luncheon! Congrats Cece!  Read the full story here. 

Bittersweet is looking for teen mentors to volunteer their time with Bittersweet’s new Social Living Club in Whitehouse and Lima!  The Social Living Club (SLC) is a recreational program that offers community and social opportunities for adolescents with autism.  

Teen mentors will help participants in the Social Living Club build relationships among their peers.  Teen mentors will help build confidence and social skills by partnering with the SLC participants in various activities.   No experience is needed.  

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Andrew Kranjec shares his experience as a teen mentor:

"I initially started mentoring when I got a volunteering assignment in school. We were told to step out of our comfort zones and try something new.  With that in the back of my mind I decided to try mentoring with Bittersweet Farms. The first class I particiated in was a cooking class. The person who I worked beside was named Duncan. He was a very optimistic person, who seemed to really like cooking, but he would rarely eat what he would cook. I had a great time working beside him, he always brought a smile to my face, and hopefully I brought a smile to his face as well. I think that being a mentor is really just about being a friend, someone to talk to, laugh with, and just have fun with. As I said earlier, I started because of a school assignment, but I stayed because of the people, smiling faces, and the fun. Everyone that I have met and become friends with, are all just wonderful people, they are energetic, nice, funny, and most importantly friendly."

Contact Heidi LeGrand at hlegrand@bittersweetfarms.org or 419 875 6986, ext. 1204 for more information about becoming a teen mentor!

To Become A Volunteer:

Please fill out the application below and read over our handbook.   Our Volunteer Handbook will provide pertinent information about autism, as well as important policies and procedures. Contact Shannon Solt at (419) 875-6986, ext. 1263 or ssolt@bittersweetfarms.org for more information.

Volunteer Handbook (PDF)   

Volunteer Application (PDF) 

Group Volunteer Application (PDF)